Monday, April 30, 2012

My time at the open house

So sorry about not posting this past week. Mom has been so busy!! She has gotten more hours at work and this weekend she wasn't even home! Well it seemed like it was that way.
Last weekend we had the open house at Fidelco and it was such an exciting and VERY overwhelming time for me! We started with our regular puppy play time which is so much fun for me since I get to play with my brothers and sister :) The we had to put on our red vests (never had to do that before for class) and we marched together outside...hmmm...we usually go inside for class. As we were walking toward this place that had all this stuff in it...maybe Mom can explain better for me. What Ajax is trying to tell you is they had rings set up, one for the guide dog demonstration that had obstacles in the way, cones, ramps and all sorts of stuff and the other ring was for the police demo. So, we went into this ring thing and I was like 'OMG! Look at all the people standing around" Most of us were like this is so exciting and we were more curious about the people all around the edge. I have to admit I was very curious about them too and Mom was getting very frustrated with me, since I wasn't paying much attention to her. But I noticed most of my siblings were doing the same thing!! So if they were why couldn't I?! Mom was not happy but once she started showing me more and more food I was like "bring it on!! What do you want me to do?" It just so happens Dad got a photo at one of those times! So basically we really didn't behave too well but what do you expect, we are just babies and all those people!!!!
After we were done with our class, We got to walk around and look at things. We went into where we usually have training and HOLY COW!! I thought there was a lot of people outside, you should have seen inside!! There were tables with shirts, bumper stickers, cups, wine, sign up sheets for different things, then we got to the good tables....TREATS and BONES!! I got some dried turkey hearts and a wonderful bone called a bully stick! The bully stick is just pure heaven!!!!! While we were walking around there were a lot of people who would stop to talk to us, well not me, they  just gave me lots of loven ;) I have to say that must have been the best part! One of my most favorite parts was meeting Renee from 105.9!! I listen to her everyday while Mom is at work! She makes me feel so much less lonely when Mom is working out in the warehouse instead of the office. I just love listening to her and to the music! I even got my photo taken with her! You can see the photo here. After all of that, Mom said I was getting tired and not listening well so we had to go. I was having so much fun!! and she thought I was tired! We all got in the car and before we got out of the driveway of Fidelco, I was out!!! Guess I was tired!
If you look back a post or two you will see more photos from the open house. Mom got some good pictures and with Dads help, he got some of our class and of Mom and I. You can also see more at my Moms Facebook page :)
Enjoy your week everyone!!!!

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