Monday, May 21, 2012

6 Months!

Yes, I am 6 months old today! I would like to wish my brothers and sisters a happy 6 month birthday!! I don't get to see them that much but I still love and miss them all!!!!

I think I am the 2nd one from the left with the blue bell. Only reason why I know that is because my Mom still has my collar ;) But I must be one of them!

On another note, My Mom was so mean to me yesterday!!!!!!!!!!! I could have bit her!!! You will never guess what she made me do.....go ahead and try!!
I will fill you in....she was so mean and put me in the car with dad and Thomas and took me to 4 different places!!!!! I had to wear my stupid gentle leader and that silly red vest which bothers me!!! First we went to a place that had flowers and all sorts of plants....THE SMELLS! Doesn't she realize that I smell a hell of a lot better then her! Thank goodness we weren't there too long but then we got in the car and went to a place called West Marine. Not sure I understand what the store is all about but it has something to do with what Mom does at work. We went looking for items that she makes at work as she said "to see what my stuff looks like on the shelves." Ok that was in and out so it wasn't too bad but the best part was after we got back to the car I got to take my vest and gentle leader that felt WONDERFUL! So off we went again. This time we ended up at a place I knew...Bacis and Dziadziu (grandmother and grandfather in Polish). I LOVE going there!! I get loved and pet and spoiled and have a HUGE yard to run around in....yeah!!!!! We didn't stay too long and then it was back in the car. So I figured since we were at Baci's and Dziadziu's it was homeward bound! Wrong :( We pulled into a parking lot.....vest and gentle leader back on...BOOOOOO!! We had to go grocery shopping!!!! What was she doing to me?! Haven't I done enough today!? Good Lord, I was done! I got whiny and according to Mom I wasn't "being a good boy" Why? Just because I wanted to get home and take a nap! It WAS way past my nap time. We spent a bit in the grocery store and Mom and I got lunch meat while Thomas and Dad went to get other things. I was not happy about that! We should all be together, no separating! So I whined and cried and as Mom called it "Chirped". Isn't that what I'm supposed to do when my pack is separated? I thought so but Mom did not find it cute and kept telling me "This is not how a guide dog acts!" WHAT! Guide dog....I'm just a baby! So once I found Dad and Thomas I felt much better and I felt even better when Thomas was walking me. He let's me get away with more but then Mom always steps in and takes over again :( Man! I really didn't know what her problem was yesterday but it was a rough day and I really didn't appreciate being dragged around and having to be a "good boy" all that time!
When we got home....I napped...for about 2.5 hrs!! Now that felt good!!
Mom later told me I was a good boy but I needed to spend some more longer time in stores....OH NO! Not that!! I guess if I am going to make it as a guide dog this is something I have to do. I will figure it out soon. I am just happy Mom has a lot of patience and helps me, even though I really don't want to listen.
After my rough day and my wonderful nap, I went out and played ball and played in my pool! Now that is the way to end a hard, stressful day....ball and pool!!!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Siblings :)

My Mom thought this would be so cool to show you.......

Me up top
and my beautiful sister Maia on the bottom.

Can you tell we're siblings?!

Thank you to Karen from Crooked Creek Ranch for getting this photo! It amazes me on how much they look alike but more so how our grass almost looks the same!! We should try to do this more often to see how they grow!