Friday, March 2, 2012

Just the Start

Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog. My name is Ajax, which I am not quite sure why since it was Marcus but anyways, I am a 12 week old Black, German Shepherd pup who was born in Missouri and transported to Connecticut. As I understand it, I am supposed to be a guide dog one day. Again, I am not sure what a guide dog is but I am sure I will learn that in time. So now, let me tell you what I do know and what is going on in my life.
I left my family in Missouri, on Crooked Creek Ranch, about 5 weeks ago. A very nice couple with a young girl came and picked me up with my siblings. When I saw the van we would be riding in I thought this was something important. The van had all sorts of writing on the outside of it and it said "The Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation". Not sure what that is but all I do know it was pretty fancy!
We then stopped in Illinois to get some other pups. We had a VERY long ride to a place called Connecticut.
When we got to CT, we spent the night at the nice ladies house and there were many other dogs there too! It was very exciting to see all those dogs after a long trip! Then the next day, we got transferred to the place they call Fidelco. It was kind of exciting to see all these new places and meeting new people but I did miss all my land, my mom and dad and my family at home in Missouri. We spent some time at Fidelco, then on Saturday morning we were all picked up and carried into this large room with a ton of people!! We were placed in the center of all those people who were sitting on the floor and we got to explore everyone. After a few minutes, I met my new foster Mom, Dad and litter mate (the little boy human). They were very sweet and wanted to hold me and pet me and all I could do was lick their faces! Not sure why but I felt as though that is what I should do. After about 30 minutes, we got into the humans car and drove a long distance, Again! It wasn't as bad as the first time but it was still a drive. They were very nice to me, talking to me and telling me "welcome home". I couldn't understand why they were saying that but it all felt OK.
After we got to my new home, I went into the house and met this big moose. My foster mom called her Bindy and she was a BIG dog! There was also another dog there who was smaller and seemed a little older. He was black and white and my fosters called him Reese. Bindy was all over me!!! She was nice about it but man...she wouldn't leave me alone! Reese came to meet me and didn't seem to really care I was there or not. I really didn't understand what was going on. Was this my new home? Was this just another place I was stopping? I really was unsure.
The first day was a little tough and I didn't know what to think. I hid in my bed (Crate) a lot since Bindy was just all over me and wouldn't leave me alone at all! My foster Mom put me in my bed a few times since, I think, she thought I felt safer, and I did. Bindy never did anything to hurt me, she is just A LOT bigger then I am and she kind of scared me. The first night was OK too. My foster mom slept on the couch and I slept in my bed. I heard her talking to my foster dad in the morning and my foster dad asked "how many times did you have to get up with him?" What? Why would she need to get up with me? My foster mom said "he slept all night". They both seemed pretty excited about it. Not sure if I wasn't supposed to but I was REALLY tired from the whole day!
I will stop there, with the first day at my new home. I don't want to bore you too much in the first post. I would like to thank my Mom who is helping me write this and hopefully she will put her thoughts in and explain somethings I just can't.
Here are some pictures of me and my families:

This is me on my second day at my new home (Mom really needs to get some good pictures of me!)

This is my new sister, Bindy. She will be leaving us soon to go on to guide dog school. I am really going to miss her when she goes

My older Brother, Reese

This is my Mom, Sally, with all of us!

This is my Dad, Blackjack

And here are my two new human brothers, Thomas and Mark

If you would like to see more photos of my families
Please visit:

Thank you for reading and I have plenty more to come!! 


Sylv said...

I look forward to reading all about your new life, little Ajax, You're going to do great things! (your name conjures up either the town not too far from where I live now by that name, or the soccer team from where I used to live - go Ajax, go!)

Karrie said...

Thank you so much!! I am told I have a big job ahead of me but I don't quite understand yet, but I will get there! I hope you enjoy my journey with me :)